Energetic Ecology is

bettering society through stewarding the energies and forces shaping our world


We’re on an individual and collective journey of evolving together through a diverse ocean and ecosystem of living energies.

To step forward together into the next chapter of our journey of discovery, wellbeing and progress as a society, it’s essential we explore, research, understand and steward this universe of forces shaping our lives and future.

Without addressing our energetic ecosystem – the inner and outer ocean of energies shaping our lives –
and integrating Energetic Ecology into our local and global solutions, 
efforts to heal our world and solve societal challenges remain incomplete.

We’re working on making Energetic Ecology part of the equation of healing, uniting and evolving our world into the future.

A foundational principle of energetic ecology is – we are all interconnected through an ecosystem of energies.

When we truly realize we are each living energies interdependently evolving through this ocean and ecosystem of energies, we’ll have started a new a chapter in our human and planetary journey of exploration, development, stewardship and being.

Energetic Ecology – the study and stewardship of the energies and forces shaping our lives – is one of the most pivotal, untouched fields informing and impacting our journeys of political, educational, cultural, economic and spiritual wellbeing and progress.

At present most of our human values, challenges and endeavors revolve around a primarily physical-centric view of our world – meaning our lives, consciousness, experiences, relationships, evolution and measures of science and success all happen through the lens of our world of physical energy-matter.

Our path of development as creative sentient beings is one of continuous awakening and unfoldment of our faculties of perception, interpretation and response into diverse worlds of energy.

As One Humanity, we’re just getting started on the great adventure of consciously waking up to and co-creating with our world’s ecosystem of living energies.

A next step forward on our developmental path as Humanity is the wise exploration, research and care of our energetic ecosystem and abilities to step forward together on our journey as a world steward of energies for our living Earth and vibrational Universe.

Energetic Ecology serves as a catalyst for our next evolutionary step forward into living, serving and co-creating as energetic stewards for the wellbeing of our world.

” it’s of immeasurable economic, societal and spiritual value to proactively explore, care for and steward the energetic ecosystem shaping our lives and world “


Energetic Consulting

is fueling missions of good
energetic guidance and leadership centered on the art and science of energies


Energetic Research

is building wise collaboration
energetic research and studies on the ecosystem of energies and forces shaping  our lives

Energetic Advocacy

is healing our diverse society
energetic advocacy focused on addressing the energetic dimensions of societal challenges


Energetic Stewardship

is transforming our world
energetic stewardship for the wellbeing of our interdependent missions, Humanity and Earth


Energetic Ecology For Missions | $10k +

Energetic Ecology For Missions
is a monthly program for empowering the wellbeing and progress of your mission of good through custom energetic insight, research, healing and stewardship

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Monthly Programs from $10k/month

schedule a discover conversation to explore how Energetic Ecology can help fuel your mission of good

Energetic Ecology For Earth | $10k+

Energetic Ecology For Earth
is a monthly program for improving the wellbeing of our world by addressing societal causes and issues you and your endeavor care about through custom energetic insight, research, healing and stewardship

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Monthly Programs from $10k/month

contribute to bettering society and healing our world through funding our work of Energetic Ecology For Earth

” the history and progress of our world is the creative ebb and flow of our ecosystem of living energies ” 

Stewarding Our Energies

Our Energetic Ecosystem

We’re all interconnected through an ocean and web of living energies.

We call this connective ocean and web of energies the Energetic Ecosystem.

Our journey of becoming and being as individuals, as communities, as nations and as Humanity is our journey of realizing, stewarding and evolving together with interior and exterior ecosystems of living energy.

Our Energetic Ecosystem is an Ocean of Energies

This diverse ocean of energies and forces shapes and contributes to the nature, psychology, consciousness, wellbeing and progress of our lives, society and journey of being.

These energies are vibratory factors and currents of our personal, societal and planetary energetic ecosystems:

  • energy of objective and subjective being 
  • energy of reality and existence
  • energy of spirituality
  • energy of communities of lives
  • energy of freedom, love and creativity
  • energy of beauty and culture
  • energy of space and place
  • energy of environment and habitat
  • energy of story and narrative
  • energy of purpose and meaning
  • energy of visions and goals
  • energy of ideas and ideologies
  • energy of wishes and dreams
  • energy of drives and desires
  • energy of exploration and discovery
  • energy of adventure and play
  • energy of safety and security
  • energy of experience and evolution
  • energy of relationship and friendship
  • energy of economy and exchange
  • energy of connection and cooperation
  • energy of sustenance and abundance
  • energy of transformation and evolution
  • energy of life substance
  • energy of consciousness and awareness
  • energy of form and structure
  • energy of truths and laws
  • energy of values and interests
  • energy of wills and choices
  • energy of intention and intentionality
  • energy of understanding and wisdom
  • energy of thought and intelligence
  • energy of emotion and feeling
  • energy of movement and action
  • energy of seasons and cycles
  • energy of incarnation and discarnation
  • energy of worlds and states
  • energy of septenary forces
  • energy of fields of existence
  • energy of developmental freedoms
  • energy of centers of agency and activity

When we awaken to and actively endeavor to develop and better our personal, societal and planetary energetic ecosystems, we’re on the way of being conscious energetic stewards caring for more of who we are, what we are part of, what’s shaping our society, how to improve solving our challenges and how we can co-create our bright future together.

” we can’t effectively solve and steward what we can’t effective perceive and measure ” 

Energetic Ecology of Centers

The Centers of Energy

In our work of Energetic Ecology, a central measure we use for assessing and addressing the energetic ecosystem and wellbeing of any life – whether that life is a person, neighborhood, world idea, organization, nation or Humanity – is the systematic charting of the state and condition of that life’s centers of energy.

The numerous interplays of energies and forces composing a life’s or community’s energetic ecosystem find their meeting ground in the centers of energy.

A foundational principle of Energetic Ecology is the interdependence of our individual, societal and planetary energies.

For example, if the living energy and organism of our Earth is experiencing strain or illness in one of its centers of energy, our society will register that strain or ailment in its corresponding center of energy to a greater or lesser degree.

Likewise, if the living energy of our Humanity is moving through a developmental milestone and healing of its heart center of energy, our Living Earth will register that budding and increased circulation of energy within the heart center of its being.

The Energy Center Chart – of an individual, an enterprise, a city, a nation and our Humanity – gives insight into the distinctive story and state of their energetic wellbeing, development of consciousness, challenges to be addressed and potentials to be investing in on their journey of evolution and being.


Energetic Research

Charting Centers of Energy

A pillar of bettering society through through Energetic Ecology is the deep study and systematic mapping of the developing and evolving force centers of the cause and community of care in focus.


pioneering the field of energetic ecology

the emergent field and work of energetic ecology calls for pioneering exploration and stewardship of our world of energy


discovery and custodianship of the living energies and energetic ecosystems shaping the vision, future and wellbeing of our world 


bringing the discoveries of energetic ecology and our emerging wisdom of energies into experiential learning and culture 


harnessing the natural laws and tools of energetic perception, regeneration and applied energies to help heal our communities 


bringing our physical world experience, stories and communities into harmonious relations and living with uncommon perceptive insight


exploring, atlasing and harnessing the knowledge and technologies of our energetic worlds for good


growing awareness, outreach support and collaboration around stewarding our world of energies 


creating and evolving fit systems, frameworks and solutions to realize a culture of caring for one another


employing the creative and illuminating agency and power of meditation for transforming our world


bridging our knowledge and wisdom of the past for our current world with insight and foresight for our future


developing, utilizing and innovating objective and subjective technologies and tools for energetic ecology


building and engaging a dynamic network of subject, resource and field specialists and contributors 


generating, reservoiring and circulating the resources and money for our bright future



We’re working on powering the transformative work of energetic ecology in the these interconnected areas of care



Impacts of Covid-19

We’re studying and addressing the energetic dimensions and impacts of coronavirus on the etheric, emotional, mental and relational ecosystems of our communities, humanity and planetary life.

There’s an energetic dimension to this health challenge that can bring insight and relief to our communities. As this virus is known to impact the respiratory system and lungs, it’s an essential part of the health strategy and healing solution to address, fortify and care for the energetic ecosystem and centers of energy that condition the health of the energetic and etheric heart, respiratory and immune systems. There is always an energetic dimension to be realized and cared for in any health event, and we are working on doing our part.


Liberating Spirituality

the futuristic work of liberating and enlivening the evolution of spirituality as a united commons and shared mission for realizing who we are as spiritual citizens, what we’re part of as an interconnected spiritual organism with our living Earth and where we’re headed together on our joint spiritual journey of evolution through our universe of living energies.


The Energy of Democracy

caring for the vital work of energetic science, studies and stewardship to map and monitor the destiny, unique energy system and role of democracies on their paths of evolution and manage the essential work of helping create the fit energetic conditions for enlightened elected representatives to be attracted and elected to office as active bridging agents and ambassadors for the ecosystem of energies guiding the progress of the soul and citizenry of the nation as a whole


Freeing From Materialism

freeing and illuminating the consciousness of our Humanity, our structures of society and way forward together from the imprisoning and oppressing forces and constructs of materialism, divisiveness and selfishness to a world powered by our self-initiated spiritual values, choicemaking and systems of mutual exchange


One Humanity, World Steward

empowering the living energy, awakening heart and energetic ecosystem of our Humanity as an evolving life and major planetary force center on its journey of health, consciousness, spiritual development and evolutionary progress.


Cities and Nations

caring for the living energy and energetic ecosystem of our Cities and Nations as evolving lives and interdependent planetary force centers on their journey of health, consciousness and development.


Our Spiritual Earth

pioneering the transformative work of energetic science, studies and stewardship to care for and empower the living energy and energetic ecosystem of our Earth as a spiritual being, organism and center of energies within its expanded community of stellar lives on its journey of health, consciousness and evolution into our emerging energetic era


Societal Choicemaking

addressing and contributing to creating fit energetic relations, atmospheres, conditions and climates preceding, during and in the aftermath of significant evolutionary thresholds, decisions, choices, declarations and voicings of our individual and collective will to good for the whole


Animal Kindredship

liberating and healing the ills of humankind and animalkind relations and safeguard and improve the lives, habitats and living conditions of the kindred communities of our animal kingdom being impacted by imbalanced human activity, changing climate, deforestation, gaming and animal agriculture as an essential key to the realization of planetary peace, compassion and well-being


Missions of Good

enriching and fueling the conditioning ecosystem impacting the evolution of collaborative world ideas, precipitating thoughtforms, values-driven endeavors and creatives dedicated to uplifting people, prosperity and planet for the good of the whole


Incarnation and Discarnation

nourishing and enriching the communities of souls who are incarnating into the current and emergent planetary climate of energies and souls who are on their journey of discarnating, transitioning from this cycle of incarnated life and releasing from conditioning energies into the superphysical worlds


Intelligences of Nature

building healthy and harmonious relations with the “behind- the-scenes” forces of evolution – the creative builders and living energies of the Intelligences of Nature – to heal our world, develop our interworldly consciousness and care for our global commons


Global Events

caring for the energetic ecosystems of gatherings and conferences of change agents, spaces to make pivotal decisions for our bright future and the etheric, emotional and mental weather systems impacting our civic, social and economic climate


Spiritualizing Money

realizing the value of spiritualizing money, evolving the structures of monetary circulation and mobilizing financial trusteeship to free our Humanity to realize its potentials and contribute to our commons of good for the whole.


Our World Story

grounding the noble work of energetic science, studies and stewardship for the planetary commons of kindred spirits and ecosystem of energies shaping and endeavoring to bring our shared story loving relations, the universal values of cooperation and the developmental goals of humanity, our kingdoms of nature and the Being embodying our Earth to life.


Contribute To Heal And Transform Our World

Our work Energetic Ecology for Earth is fueled by dedicated kindred spirits, world citizens and endeavors who recognize the value of our mission, love our Humanity and care for the wellbeing of our interconnected world. 


Dear, Kindred Spirit.

Our unique, pioneering mission is addressing essential societal forces and underrealized energetic dimensions of our shared story and journey of evolving together.

We invite you to be a dedicated patron generously aiding our societal work. If you have questions about giving or being a major patron of our mission, please contact us at: energeticinitiative@gmail.com.

It’s in this moment that we’re each being called to come together for the healing and helping of our communities in need, our spiritual commons and our awakening world.

In Kindredship,
Kaisan | founder of energetic ecology

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” to heal our relations and society, we must wake up to and care for the interconnected ecosystem of energies we’re part of  ” 

Our Bright Future Is Energetic

Energetic Ecology is an essential solution for building our bright future together by studying and stewarding the ecosystem of energies shaping our society and lives.

If our work speaks to you and you have a calling or mission contributing to the wellbeing and progress of our interconnected society, humanity and world, we invite you to be in touch.

To our bright future,
– Kaisan | founder of energetic ecology