Case Study: The Energy of Democracy

Energetic Ecology for Georgia, USA

In the journey of the pioneering experiment of the United States and its continuing evolution of democracy through the 2020 election cycle, the state of Georgia is emerging as a pivotal regenerative agent in deciding the balance of the US Senate and its influence among the 3 branches of government.

” when we steward the energetic ecology of democracy, we contribute to creating the fit conditions for healthy communities, the social good and spiritual values to flourish ” 

Study Overview 

At pivotal points of decision in the life of a nation on its path of evolution, service and being, a confluence of forces emerges to help it or hinder it in the crucial phase of navigating and choosing its way of good forward.

The US as a young life and developing democracy is currently in one of these confluences of forces and moments of choicemaking.

In November 2020, Energetic Ecology commissioned and initiated a study to evaluate the state of the energetic ecosystem of Georgia, USA and provide energetic stewardship to support optimal conditions in its process of choicemaking for the evolutionary progress of the state, the nation and citizens of the United States.




  • Status of Study: In process | 30% completed


Energetic Ecology for Georgia, USA Choicemaking
Nov 2020 – April 2021


To contribute to strengthening spiritual agency, community knowledge and fit energetic conditions for the life and citizens of Georgia, USA to navigate and choose their way of good forward during this 2020/21 election cycle


We employed a 3-fold process of energetic ecology for this study

1 – Energetic Consultation
2 – Energetic Research
3 – Energetic Stewardship

Key Findings and Impacts

  • Georgia is emerging as a pivotal regenerative agent for the evolving life and spiritual progress of the United States and calls for more dedicated and ongoing energetic advocacy and stewardship for its path ahead
  • Georgia’s base center of energy was assessed as a key force factor to be energetically monitored and cultivated to ground its higher purpose and values in this choicmaking cycle
  • Discovering Georgia’s upper vehicle of spiritual development is in advance of its lower vehicle of physical expression and that it can be drawn forth to ground its higher vision and values for its way of progress ahead

Fields of Care Addressed

  • Energy of Democracy
  • Evolving Cities and Nations
  • One Humanity, World Steward

Timeline and Duration

This is a 6-month study for the pre-, active and post- choicemaking window of the Georgia Senate runoff  being conducted from November, 7 2020 to Jan 5, 2021 through April 7, 2021

Phase of Work Ahead

Our 3-fold work of Energetic Ecology specializes in deep study and wise stewardship of the ecosystem of forces conditioning Georgia’s climate of choicemaking

Phase 2 of 3 of Energetic Consultation
Phase 1 of 3 of Energetic Research
Phase 2 of 3 of Energetic Stewardship

Funding and Patrons

This study is community- and citizen- funded and calls for dedicated financial trusteeship and patrons to fuel its work.

If you or your endeavor find value in this study and recognize we are here to help one another better society together, we invite you to give generously to fund our work.

Study Funding Goal: $120,000


Study Contributors

World Good
Golden Threads of Good
Energy Arts Alliance

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Summary of Energetic Ecology Methodology

1 - Energetic Consultation

energetic communication, rapport and meditation with the evolving life, ecosystem and evolution path of the state of Georgia

2 - Energetic Research

energetic perception, interpretation and charting of the current state of key influencing factors in Georgia’s energy ecosystem

3 - Energetic Stewardship

energetic advocacy, healing and development for the identified key factors informing and impacting Georgia’s choicemaking ecosystem 

Georgia’s Centers of Energy

This energetic survey on Georgia’s key coordinating centers of energy gives vital insight into the activity, relationship and current conditions of its organs of agency and choicemaking.


Energetic Insight: Condition of Georgia’s Key Energy Centers

surveyed on November 17, 2020

  • Georgia’s Crown Center | Center of Citizenship and Freedom
  • GEORGIA’S Heart Center | Center of Kindredship and Relations
  • GEORGIA’S BASE Center | Center of Economy and Security

” when well developed crown, heart and base centers are in creative cooperation, choicemaking and community relations are grounded in truth, conscience and prosperity for everyone ” 

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