Energetic Ecology provides an essential key to addressing the challenges we face by healing and harmonizing the living ecosystem of energies, forces and energized substances shaping the health, consciousness and evolution of our communities, nations, Humanity and Earth.

To heal our world and co-create our bright future we must advance our realization and care for our interdependent energetic ecology.

An extraordinary truth we are coming to realize is that the health, consciousness and evolution of our lives and world are shaped through the creative interplay of seen and unseen energies. Take a moment – a pause – to connect with this concept. Our incarnation or birth on Earth, the family we grew up with, the history of our health, friendships we’re magnetized to, vocations that bring us a sense of meaning, the state of our social climate, the embodied values of our nations, the challenges and opportunities we face as we look to our future, the experiences that light us up, the consciousness guiding our decisions right now – each of these are substantial energies and forces impacting and being impacted by the condition, health and potential of the energetic ecosystem we are part of.

to care for our future, we must realize and attend to the IMPACTs OF unseen energies and FORCES shaping our health, society and systems of governance


Energetic Ecology is the emerging science and art of studying and stewarding the diverse ecosystem of living energies and substantial forces shaping our interdependent health, society, consciousness, future and world.

Every dimension of our lives and all we care about are informed by the state of this greater web of the energetic ecosystem we’re part of. For example, if the living energy and organism of our Earth is experiencing imbalance or illness in its centers of energy, we will feel that imbalance and ailment in our lives and communities to a greater or lesser degree. Likewise, if the living energy of our Humanity is experiencing the healing of its heart center of energy and an evolution of its energy of love, our Living Earth will also feel that nourishment within the heart of its being and expand in its ability to circulate the energies of love throughout our planetary ecosystem.

” caring for the health of our energetic ecosystems, our centers of energy and our living energy of love is essential to realizing our bright future “

Our Humanity is fast waking up to this reality of our interconnectedness through our current global health challenge. To more effectively address the coronavirus health challenge and future health, economic, political, societal, environmental and spiritual challenges we will face as an interdependent Humanity, we must come to realize the vital role of energetic ecology and be proactively caring for our energetic ecosystems, our human energy fields and our centers of energy contributing to our collective wellbeing.

To address our challenges effectively, we are being called to realize the energetic dimension of our lives and invest in skilled, dedicated care for the ecosystem of energies impacting the health, consciousness and progress of our communities, our cities, our family of nations and our Humanity as as whole.

Energetic Ecology is dedicated to waking Humanity up to our birthright of being conscious citizens and stewards of the ecosystem of energies we are essential parts of to enrich the wellbeing of our changing, energetic world.

An under-realized and under-addressed force playing a major role in shaping the current state of our world and how we rise to our current challenges of evolving together that must be invested in and stewarded as part of our shared energetic ecosystem are our Centers of Energy.

From an Energetic perspective, the current health challenge and opportunity we are facing is greatly informed and influenced by the awakening of the Heart Center of Humanity on its path of harmonizing and evolving together with the Heart Center of our Living Earth.


” we can’t effectively care for and manage what we can’t effectively perceive and measure “

In our work of Energetic Ecology and stewarding energies, a central measure we use for assessing and addressing the energetic ecosystem and wellbeing of any evolving life is charting the energetic condition of that life’s centers of energy.

Each of these energy center charts – of an individual, a city, a nation and our humanity – give insight into the distinctive story of their energetic wellbeing, development of consciousness, challenges to be addressed and potentials to be cared for on their journeys of evolution through energy.

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our bright future is energetic.

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